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Unlock the potential of your food and beverage products and services with on demand food science.

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With the right support, great solutions can be found.

Designing and scaling up a food and beverage product from the kitchen bench to commercial production can be a daunting task. Equally, having a product in market comes with its own challenges, from producing it right every time, to ensuring it's shelf stable and cost effective.

This is why we set up Creative Food Labs, to collaborate with you and help guide you through the process. 

Our aim is to become the go to food science and food product consultants for hospitality and food manufacturing industries in Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide.  


Our Core Services

Whilst we have a broad range of hospitality and food manufacturing experience, we offer the core food science consultancy services below. 

If you can't find what you're looking for, simply drop us a message and we'll see if we can help, or point you to someone that can. 

New Food Product (Image by Shri)

Product Design & Development

Creating prototypes of products and designing new ones requires a clear understanding of ingredient behaviour and documentation of recipes for future success. This deep product understanding underpins our working principles.

Food Process Development (Image by Charlotte Harrison)

Process Development

Defining and documenting the process by which a product is made, whether it's in a restaurant or factory is fundamental to repeatable success. Discovering and developing processes is in our DNA. 

Food Shelf Life & Sensory Analysis

Shelf Life & Sensory

Ensuring your product is stable over time from a sensory and functional is critical to success. We can help you build robust shelf life testing and monitoring initiatives. 

Consumer Focused Food Product Development

True Innovation

Innovation is a well utilised concept in the world of food and beverage, if you have a unique idea, novel ingredient or new process that you believe holds value to the food industry, we can help you explore it's full potential. 

Food Truck Payment

Product Costings

It's all well and good having a product, but working out how much it's going to cost to make is a sure fire way to making sure you'll make money, we can help you calculate the cost of your product(s).

Food Innovation & Product Development
Food Scientist

Ran by nerdy foodies, for all foodies. 

At the heart of our journey is a love for food and a passion to enhance the lives of others one bite at a time.

We aim to deliver the best in class food science support through our love of the creative flair that food inspires and underpinning this passion with sound scientific principles. 

Food Science Consultant

Designed to be on demand. 

Just like your favourite TV shows, we're designed to be on demand.

Whether you only need us for some ideas and concepts or a full on binge to help you get from the kitchen bench to the factory floor, we tailor the support based on your needs. Think of us as your on demand food science people. 




Our Experience

Our experience within the food and beverage world is pretty vast, spanning hospitality & catering, food research, food product development and home cooking.

Our Experience
Food & Beverage Product Development (Image by Eduardo Soares)

Food & Beverage Product Development

- Alcoholic and Soft Beverages

- Baked Goods 

- High Protein Foods & Beverages 

- Alternative Proteins 

- Organic Produce 

- Vegan & Vegetarian 

- Sports Supplements 

- Sauces & Condiments

- Powdered Foods & Beverages

- Dairy 

- Confectionary

Food Science Support for Hospitality & Catering

Hospitality & Catering

- Menu Design 

- Menu Optimisation 

- Recipe Concept Creation 

- Trends & Insights 

- Ingredient Functionality

- Dietary (Allergen Free, Vegan)

- Menu Nutritional Profiling

- Nutritional Optimisation

Food Research & Development

Food Science & Research

- Proteins 

- Gels 

- Fats & Emulsions

- Sugars & Crystallisation

- Starches 

- Colours & Flavours

- Thermal Processing

- Fat & Sugar Reduction

- Sensory & Consumer Science

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