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Product Design & Development

No matter what stage of product development you are in, we offer a range of product design and development services. 

Idea Generation

The first step in our development process is generating ideas. We do this by understanding your the needs and wants of your consumers or business.

Once we have a series of ideas, we can help you create theoretical concepts for consumer testing, or move to product development. 

Idea to Product

The second stage in our process is to turn your idea into a product. We do this by turning your thoughts into recipes and prototypes for testing and refinement. 

Once we have a viable prototype, we can partner with you to help you to identify your route to manufacture.

Product to Market

The third stage in our process is to get your product to market, we do this by ensuring the product meets all of the regulatory, functional, sensory and shelf life requirements.

Once we have a viable product, we can assist you in creating a pathway to sell direct to consumers, or retail or wholesale. 


Other Product Development Services

In addition to the services above, we can help you with: 

- Reverse Engineering
- Product Costings
- Product Value
- Product Nutritionals
- Basic Product Declarations

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